Monday 5 of December, 2022
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A Justified Rant!

Don't stop Sally Sampson now; she's about to let off some serious steam!

Staff Writer

I’m ranting today. Majorly.  Just thought you should know in advance. Because before, when you thought I was a BITCH, you had no idea what you were talking about because, boy oh boy have I upped my game! I’ve even surprised myself! The thing is, it’s really HARD not to be an A-class, hard-core, no bullshit, speak your mind, fuck-you-if-you-get-offended kind of bitch all the time. I have kind of turned it into an art-form, but it’s not that tough! Not really!

Not when you’re faced with things like… Oh I don’t know…

- The current administration trying to imply that women who get raped are to blame for ‘provoking’ their attackers. I’m not sure if you were aware of this, but Egyptian women are now being told by people like Adel Abdel Masoud Afifi, a police general and lawmaker that “sometimes, a girl contributes one hundred percent to her own raping when she puts herself in these conditions”.  

I’m not too sure what ‘these conditions’ that Mr. Afifi speaks of are exactly… Is it when a girl walks around in the streets without her father/brother/relative with a penis being around to protect her? Is it when a girl chooses to walk around wearing clothes that actually make her discernible to the human eye as one of God’s human creations as opposed to a spectre-like apparition floating through the crowds?

Or maybe what you really mean Mr. Afifi is that a girl who speaks out and freely expresses herself, thereby posing a threat to the oppressive regime that you’d like to fortify and implement, cannot be tolerated. Ultimately, it is because if a woman feels safe enough to roam the streets without being afraid of being raped or harassed, she might just go off and march in rallies and call you out on your bullshit!! I get your message here: it is ‘fuck off or we’ll fuck you! Point made.

- Finding out that the two teenage rapists in Steubenville, Ohio, who performed sexual acts on an unconscious girl, and who took photos and videos of themselves actually assaulting her, received minimum sentences for their offenses.

Let me break this down: two teenage boys took advantage of a girl, stripped her, sexually assaulted her both orally and with their fingers, while she was defenceless, and got one to two years for it. Of course, there has been press in the US buzzing away as well with how it is a shame that these two boys’ lives have been ruined and how they showed such promise as star football players and how they were such good students…

Now I know a thing or two about the media and clearly that was the right spin to give the story… Give the girl who was raped the supporting role in this farcical sham. Now isn’t that a ‘cherry-on-top’ moment?

- Realising that Paralympic Medal Winner, Oscar Pistorius, who shot and killed his girlfriend in their home in South Africa, and who claimed that he thought that she was a burglar, somehow made bail because the courts haven’t proved that it was  ‘pre-meditated murder’ yet.

Now, a lot is going through my mind here, but to prevent a major artery from exploding in my neck, I’ll try to be as concise as possible and ask the following questions: how many people do you know who walk around their homes with loaded guns? How many people do you know walk around with loaded guns, firing them without actually seeing their targets? How many people do you know fire a gun from another room without double-checking, at least once, that the person they’re shooting isn’t the person they share the house with and who’s usually in the house anyway: i.e. their girlfriend/partner/roommate!!!??? But yeah… Innocent until proven guilty. Give him bail why don’t you! That makes perfect sense.

Three examples; three words: Are you serious?

No scrap that! Four words: Are you fucking serious?

I am over this shit. SO OVER IT! I’m so pissed off, I can’t even be fucked to try to be witty with this. It is a joke in itself that these injustices are allowed to happen. And it’s not a funny joke. It is old. It is stale. It has gone on for too long and NEWS-FUCKING-FLASH, it was never funny in the first place.

And YES, I know! I’ve been told one billion times before that I am quite intense. So intense I make Tom Cruise look easy-going. But how can I not be? How can you not get just as angry when you hear this horse-shit? These are just three examples; there are a billion more!

This mockery of human dignity should not and cannot be allowed to happen anymore. This epidemic of violence against women and girls worldwide where females are perpetually sexualized, harassed, beaten, and silenced is not something we can be passive about and it’s not something that I can just write one blog about to appease my conscience and then leave forever.

As you may know, I’ve written a one-woman show called ‘Controversially Contrary’ and I’ve been working on getting it on its feet. I previously exclusively released the play’s opening monologue for my friends here at Cairoscene, but due to my current blood pressure highs and random seizures brought on by being exposed to high levels of stupidity, I’ve decided to release another monologue from my play, in an effort to counter the bullshit.

This is for every woman who has been raped or assaulted.

And FYI: It is NEVER your fault.

The Raped

You smiled at me across the bar,

You were so handsome.

You came over and bought me a drink,

Hoping that I would succumb.

You danced with me all night long;

You whispered in my ear

How beautiful you thought I was,

How I had nothing to fear. 

I began to fantasize like a silly girl

If perhaps you were the one;

My real life fairytale prince

I didn’t know that later on,

You’d rip my vagina apart

When you’d force yourself into me;

I didn’t know I’d bleed and cry out

Praying for it all to cease.

And just as you came, you had gone

Before I was even aware

Of what had really happened to me

How the dream had become a nightmare 

I cried and cried forever;

Each tear was an eternity.

Remembering the pain and hurt;

Recalling your ferocity, 

That seemed to be nonexistent before,

That seemed to be so far

From your charismatic personality

Your wit and your charm. 

But here I lie a victim

Of your aggression and my stupidity

But I know this will all change

This silence won’t last eternally.

I’ll have to stand up soon,

And pretend to be okay,

And words that I’ll want to scream out,

Will just simply melt away. 

The guilt that I feel

Is almost unbearable!

Did I bring  it upon myself?

This pain is uncontainable!

But I didn’t, I couldn’t have known,

That I could be so cheated!

How was I supposed to know,

That I was to be mistreated?

If he had really respected me,

Then he would’ve heard my cries

Begging him to stop it,

Being so little, and overwhelmed by his size. 

That was then, and this is now

I’ll never fall prey again

I won’t let him ruin my life

I will not let him win!

I survived and I stand here,

Ready to empower others,

Ready to hold you up,

One after the other!

It happened to you, well it happened to me,

It doesn’t mean that you are weak

It’s time now to help others

To not be afraid to speak.

The guilt that I carry, I will cast aside

Being a victim of sexual assault

Someone may have took advantage

But I know it wasn’t my fault.

I stand victorious,

Proud as I can be

Proud to be empowered

Proud to say no to defeat!

I was raped,

And many tears have I shed,

But I know I have a future

And much happiness in store up ahead. 

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