Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Abou-Treika Misses Father's Wake Fearing Travel Ban

After being placed on Egypt's terror list, Abou-Treika announced that he will not be able to attend his father's wake out of fear that he may be banned from travelling if he returns.

Staff Writer

Abou-Treika Misses Father's Wake Fearing Travel Ban

Retired Egyptian football star Mohamed Abou-Treika has announced that he will not be attending his father’s wake on Monday, fearing he will be banned from travelling after being added to Egypt’s terror list earlier this year.

Talking with an unnamed source, Ahram reports that “the situation is very difficult and sad. Abou-Treika's lawyer advised him not to attend the wake because he could be stopped at the airport and his passport could be seized, as has been the case with other people on the list.” 

For the past couple of years, Abou-Treika has been investigated for alleged ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. His assets were frozen in 2015 and unfrozen in 2016, before he was placed on Egypt’s terror list. Abou-Treika’s lawyer, Mohamed Osman, continues to contest the decision claiming that the footballer’s placement on the terror list is illegal and that his assets remain frozen despite a court ruling to lift the freeze. As it stands, Abou-Treika is currently living in Doha waiting for his legal troubles to end.