Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Alexandrian Groom Allegedly Kidnapped On His Wedding Day

Young Alexandrian, Badr Al-Gamal, was allegedly kidnapped during his own wedding for reasons unknown.

Staff Writer

The latest topic that has been wildly debated on Twitter was the alleged kidnapping of an Alexandrian groom on his wedding night while his family, wife, and loved ones watched. Thus far, the reasons for the kidnapping remain unknown.

The young Badr Al-Gamal was amongst his friends and family in the ceremony, dancing and taking pictures. As per the bride’s brother, who told the story to TV host Moataz Matar, he was allegedly driving both the bride and groom to their home after the ceremony, when a microbus intercepted their way and kidnapped Al-Gamal from the car. The brother continues, claiming to the host that the kidnappers were plain dressed and had guns pointed at the car transporting the bride and groom.

Hundreds of Twitter activists made a trending hashtag of the incident, which translates to “they kidnapped the groom,” writing tweets to show their support to his wife and family. No one seemed to know the reason as to why he was kidnapped or if he had committed any felonies. Some were expressing their feelings towards the unfortunate event and also shared their concern with his family as to his current whereabouts, reassuring his mother that the truth will come out soon enough to rest the family’s weary minds.


Many on Twitter automatically assume that the kidnappers were police officers, as stories of secret kidnappings are not new to Egypt. However, there has been no official statement from authorities addressing the incident. As it stands, Al-Gamal's whereabouts remain unknown and we will continue to update this story as it develops.