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Algeria Appoints Three Female Army Generals

Jumping to the top of the list of Arab countries with high-ranking female commanders, Algeria makes headlines again.

Congratulations to Algeria, not just for the valiant effort at the World Cup but more importantly for making a ground-breaking decision that is cracking the glass ceiling and ushering a new age of gender equality. Proving that women are just as equally capable as men, Algeria has appointed three women to the rank of army Generals. The promotion in turn solidifies Algeria as having the largest number of high-ranking female army commanders, in the Arab world Al Arabiya News Channel reported on Tuesday.

Although the names of the three generals were not revealed, the move comes as signal that Algeria is looking to liberalise its closed military organisation. These women, however, are not the first to achieve the honourable rank of General. In November 2010, Algerian President Abdel Aziz Bouteflika, appointed the first women general, Fatima Arjoun, of the People’s National Army (pictured above), in the face of massive public pressure to enact more changes in favour of women’s rights.

As it stands, women in Algeria are finding increased opportunity in Algeria’s professional world, however are still facing discrimination under the Family Code that still leaves many women legally vulnerable.