Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Amnesty: Jan 25 Failed?

Rights watchdog Amnesty International has slammed the interim government over a string of abuses and urges military bosses to change course in order to achieve the goals of the January 25 revolution.

Staff Writer

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has slammed the intrim government for a flurry of abuses since July, 2013. The damning report painted a grim portrait of the realities of life in Egypt, just hours before the third anniversary of the January 25 revolution.

It said: "Amnesty International is concerned that the Egyptian authorities are utilising all branches of the state apparatus to trample on human rights and quash dissent. Armed with repressive legislation, including the latest assembly law; unaccountable security forces ready to implement it against political opponents; and a complacent judicial system that punishes critics while allowing perpetrators of human rights violations to walk free – the Egyptian authorities have the necessary tools to take the country further on the path of repression... Unless, the authorities change course and comply with commitments to respect human rights and the rule of law, the future of Egypt looks bleak and the hopes of the “25 January Revolution” have little chance of becoming a reality."

Meanwhile, interim president Adly Mansour just remarked that the police state has ended in Egypt. We don't need to even begin talking about the detention of free speech activists, impartial journalists and general members of the public, the facts are already common knowledge. Don't forget to 'celebrate' your 'freedom' on Saturday, folks!.