Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Ancient Tomb With Six Mummies Discovered In Aswan

A tomb with six mummies discovered in Aswan after an earthquake.

Staff Writer

According to The Cairo Post, a tomb with six mummies was discovered today by a team from the Swedish University of Lindh, led by Dr. Maria Nelson and Dr. John Ward. The site, previously covered in stones, was discovered due to a series of earthquakes, according to Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Damati.

Dr. Mahmoud Afifi, head of the Egyptian Antiquities at the Ministry of Antiquities, claims that the statues can all be dated back to the modern era. As The Cairo Post reports, two of them were found in Area 30 of the mountains while the other two were discovered in Area 31. The former are identified as the owner of a cabin and his wife, who is placing her hand on his shoulder. The latter are associated with the name Nfrkouhi, a supervisor or foreign lands during the era of King Thutmose III.

The Ministry of Antiquities tells The Cairo Post that the Swedish mission is scheduled to complete searching the region that consists of 32 other areas in hopes of finding more tombs.

Main image courtesy of Gebel el Silsila Project.