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BREAKING: Court Strikes Down Morsi's Death Sentence and Orders New Prison Break Trial

Making global headlines is the news that Egyptian court has decided to strike down ousted president Mohamed Morsi's death sentence, ordering a new trial for his involvement in a 2011 prison break.

Virally spreading around the planet is the news that an Egyptian court has struck down a death sentence levelled against ousted president Mohamed Morsi by a lower tribunal court for his part in a mass prison break during the 2011 uprising.

On Tuesday, the Court of Cassation decided to cancel Mohamed Morsi’s death sentence and has ordered a new trial for the ousted president alongside five other Muslim Brotherhood leaders believed to be involved in the 2011 prison break.

The court also decided to order the retrial of 21 Brotherhood members involved in the same case who were each given life sentences.

As it stands, the only final verdict levelled against Morsi is a 20-year sentence upheld last month on charges stemming from the killing of protesters in December 2012.