Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Bachmann Cheers Egypt On

Is Michele Bachmann the new Sarah Palin? Her latest outburst against the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama seems to suggest so, though she is in support of the Egyptian people.

Staff Writer

Michele Bachmann is one of the most infamous Republican Congresswomen, constantly creating noise on the likes of Fox News. Even though she has previously stated that she doesn't hate Muslims, she still likened them to Nazis and Hitler. Her most recent comment on our part of the world suggests she was more than overjoyed by the recent overthrow of former Egyptian president Morsi.

“We were cheering in front of our televisions back home in the United States... We were cheering for you,” Bachmann said.

Together with two equally absurd congressmen, Bachmann held a a press conference to show her support for Egypt's transitional government. “We are standing with you. We are for standing with American contributions to your nation so we can help you and your effort to defeat our common enemy.”

Bachmann believes that the United States should continue providing Egypt with apache helicopters and F-16s. She also happens to believe that Obama is a secret Muslim, who is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the U.S. Government and honestly believes Obama wants to hurt Israel and America.

When asked about whether what transpired on July 3rd was a coup or not, she said: “Our opinion, my opinion, was this was not a coup,” Bachmann said. “This was merely a time when the people of Egypt gave their voice loud and clear beginning and continuing the revolution that began originally in Tahrir Square.”

It seems like the America has turned into some sort bizarro world were everything is the opposite. All of a sudden the Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama is arguing for war, Sarah Palin proclaims that the answer in Syria is to “let Allah sort it out”, and now Bachmann is coming out in full support of Egypt. It isn't clear when Republicans decided to stop with the whole 'Arabs are all terrorists' rheteoric, but something happened and sadly these incompetent congresspeople are now attaching themselves to our struggle. We are living in some pretty strange days.

Here is a clip of Bachmann talking about Muslims as Nazis:

Here is a clip of her in support of Egypt: