Monday September 25th, 2023
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Bahraini App Loyale Launches New Amenities to Encourage Brand Loyalty

Launched towards the end of 2020, the app is seeing potential in all forms of brand loyalty.

Startup Scene

With the continuous growth and expansion of digital technologies in the region, businesses have put plans in motion to move beyond the need for physical cards and embrace a future of contactless payments and digital wallets.

In an effort to improve the user-experience of loyalty programs in Bahrain, the Loyale app has launched new amenities for its customers including electronic loyalty cards and a reward points-redeeming system.

Within this context, Loyale emerged to solve a bi-directional problem for both customers and sellers by aiming to build stronger relations between the parties. This involved improving purchasing power and unlocking new possibilities through a gamified customer experience that helps build new customer habits and strengthen brand loyalty.

Loyale targets both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as bigger businesses. Brand loyalty comes in all forms, so the startup is inviting all kinds of industries to take advantage of the programmes, whether they be restaurants and cafes, health clinics, jewellery stores, cosmetics, or service companies.