Sunday September 24th, 2023
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Baksheesh Your Way To Becoming Egyptian

Ever wondered what the price of your Egyptian nationality was? A cool $250,000, apparently.

Staff Writer

You've heard about walking like an Egyptian, well now you can actually become one - in exchange for a little baksheesh of course. The latest proposed scheme to put an end to the country's economic misery allows khawagas and psuedo-duel nationality types to become full on Masry, for just $250,000.

The project, outlined by Sameh Sedki, the head of the Arab Union for Direct Investment, will grant citizenship to a man, his wife and all his children under the age of 15 in exchange for quarter of a million dollars. “The amount will be transferred to the fund Finance the Construction of Egypt (Sandouq Tamweel Benaa Masr). I think it’s a reasonable price for both parties,” Sedki told Al Arabiya News.

The proposal would also offer citizenship to foreigners who deposit either $3.5 million for five years, or $5 million for three years, with no interest.  He added: “The liquidity made available by these investors will help boost the economy.” Would-be masrys can also get their hands on a visa for large donations to schools, universities or hospitals

While many questioned why anybody would want an Egyptian citizenship, Sedki was quick to silence the naysayers citing the country's low tax rate and cheap as chips workforce. However there's bad news if you're trying to ditch that pesky Israeli citizenship following the recent conflict, as anybody associated with the Zionist state, the Muslim Brotherhood (remember those guys!?) or carrying an infectious disease is automatically disqualified.

Sedki expects two million applications within weeks if the proposal is given the greenlight by the cabinet.

Personally, we here at Cairo Scene can't wait to get our hands on one, finally...just like REAL erm...Egyptians.