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Banned Ultras Release Song Dedicated to Fallen Fans

Zamalek's Ultras White Knights have released a powerful song about the events that left 20 fans dead last February, despite a Cairo court accepting a case to outlaw them.

Zamalek’s hardcore fans known as the Ultras White Knights are still dealing with the tragedy that left 20 fans dead in February. To commemorate the loss, the group has released a new song documenting the events that transpired during the security breakdown.

Dedicated to the memory of those who passed, Open Up, We’re Dying is the title of the latest release by Ultra White Knights. Introducing the track the group makes it abundantly clear that “This is for the 20 Zamalek martyrs who died at the hands of police during the Air Defense Stadium Catastrophe. It relates what happened inside the death trap on February 8, 2015.”

The strongly worded track calls for justice and verbally attacks the security apparatus that failed to protect on the day. “Suddenly the air was full of smoke,” a song lyric describes as the group reiterates that they are going nowhere and will continue to seek justice accusing police of indiscriminately firing tear gas at supporters causing stampede in a dangerously narrow gateway. 

The release of the track comes days after a Cairo court decided to accept a lawsuit by club president and famed crazy man, Mortada Mansour, who has demanded the group be banned from the country for their involvement of inciting violence. The hatred between Zamalek’s Club President Mortada Mansour and his team’s Ultra Fans is very well documented, as he has gone so far as calling them terrorists and claiming that they attempted to assassinate him. It was the latter accusation that lead him to taking his case against the group to court.