Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Big Brother Is Watching You

The Ministry of Interior has officially announced that they will be monitoring our social media.

Staff Writer

Big Brother Is Watching You

It's not entirely a surprise, but our beloved interior ministry has officially admitted that they want foreign companies to help it monitor our activity on social media.

Allegedly they're doing it for security purposes, and to catch those damn terrorists (you know, because all terrorists just announce all their plots on the Facebook).

According to Reuters, seven foreign firms have offered to lend their helpful hands in taking away the last vestige of a free open space for expression.

A security source said to Reuters, "It is natural for us to monitor terrorism threats on the internet with the help of international firms.

"(Ordinary) monitoring of social media is no longer sufficient in light of the huge rise in usage over the past years."

Meanwhile, Assistant to the Interior Minister for Media and Public Relations Abdel Fattah Othman said that monitoring our conversations does not mean a return to Mubarak's era, assuring everyone that this is completely normal because Mama Amreeka does it.

The good news is now we can troll the interior ministry subliminally through our Facebook and Twitter posts.

Courtesy of Egypt's Sarcasm Society.