Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Blackouts to be Reduced

The government looks to quell complaints about constant power outages promising they'll be reduced soon.

Staff Writer

We all know the national drill. Once a day, our households are plunged into darkness. It's usually in the middle of a riveting Game of Thrones episode, your laptop, cellphone, and every other electronic device has died and your life is rendered officially useless for at least one hour as you curse the day you were born. But there is hope on the horizon! The Egyptian government announced that blackouts across the country will be reduced soon. No word yet on when or if they'll ever end but let's be thankful for the little things. After a spike in power cuts earlier this week, our magnanimous government has said that they plan on increasing the country's supply of electricity by importing natural gas and diesel, and eventually constructing three new power plants to help deal with this issue.

Gaber El-Desouki, chairman of the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company assured our pissed off population in a press conference that "there will be gradual improvement during the next two weeks" with regards to blackouts. Apparently, the power cuts had been slightly more frequent because several power plants had been out of service for maintenance.

However, we are curious as to how the power cuts are meant to decrease, with summer fast approaching and energy consumption being much higher in the summer months than in the winter?