Sunday July 14th, 2024
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Bombs Explode in Aswan & Cairo - 2 Killed, 14 Injured

A series bombs have detonated across the country, including Aswan, 6th October City and downtown Cairo.

Staff Writer

Bombs Explode in Aswan & Cairo - 2 Killed, 14 Injured

Bombings in Egypt continue to rise as news breaks of a bomb exploded in the tourist town of Aswan in Southern Egypt killing at least two and wounding five others.

According to the police report, the bomb detonated on Sunday night and was planted nearby a police station. The resulting explosion claimed the lives of two, while injuring five others, including a policeman.

This sadly was not the only bomb to rock Egypt today, as another bomb exploded outside of the Cairo High Court building on Ramses Street injuring nine. Originally the first reports claimed that one person had been killed; a claim that has been denied by the health ministry.

This marks the second bombing today claiming a total of 2 fatalities, and at least 14 injured.

At the same time Youm7 is reporting that this bomb wasn’t the only one discovered today, claiming that security forves have defused three bombs scattered across Cairo. Youm7 alleges the first bomb was diffused at the ministry of Manpower in Nasr city. The second alleged bomb was defused outside the 1st division police station in 6th of October city, while another bomb in the same district was diffused outside the European Commission building.