Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Cairo-Based Healthcare Specialist Heka Raises Seven-Figure Investment

With its two verticals, REVIV Egypt and Self Juicery, already popular brands across Egypt, Heka's new investment paves the way for more wellness and preventive healthcare innovation.

Startup Scene

Cairo-based preventative healthcare and wellness specialist company, Heka, has announced that it has closed a seven-figure pre-seed investment led by internationally travelled angel investor, Mohamed El Khamissy.

The investment falls very much in line with El Khamissy’s portfolio of investments, which shows a particular focus on healthcare. He’s also a major shareholder in REVIV, a global brand specialising in preventative IV drips, and one of the brands under Heka’s growing umbrella. Founder and CEO of Heka, Maged Nadim, brought REVIV’s trademark treatments to Egypt for the first time earlier this year, alongside another of Heka’s brands, Self + Health House, which launched in 2018 as a healthy eatery promoting a holistic approach to self-care. Boasting six branches in Egypt (with more to come) Self acted as the starting point for Heka, which looks to take preventative medicine out of hospitals and into the scope of lifestyle.

The investment comes as a huge boost for a growing Heka, but there’s more at play than just the money for Nadim and he sees El Khamissy’s commitment as an opportunity to gain more than just funding.

“We’re very excited to have MK on board as a board member and strategic partner,” Nadim told StartupScene. “He brings ample experience in the wellness and biotech space, and we’re counting on him to be our window into western technologies and collaborations in this very exciting space.” 

The input of El Khamissy will only serve to accelerate Nadim’s plans to strengthen Heka’s infrastructure and grow the team, while expanding its verticals - Self Juicery + Health House, REVIV Egypt and a third undisclosed vertical set to be launched before the end of the year.