Friday December 8th, 2023
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Cairo Heat Wave Causes Metro Slowdown

If you're planning to take the metro during the currently excruciating heat wave, you may want to leave extra early, as Metro Authority Spokesman announces that metro lines will be running slower during the heat.

Staff Writer

Expect delays with metros as Metro Authority Spokesman Ahmed Abdel Hady told state news agency MENA that metro lines will be running slower during the heat.

Cairenes are currently dealing with an extreme heat wave that is expected to reach as high as 47 degrees celsius. Extreme heat often causes complications. including the increasing the risk of metro car derailing because of added friction and heat expanding the tracks.

In order to prevent a potential catastrophe, the Metro Authority has decided to reduce the speed of 80 km/hour to 50 km/hour on the first line, and 60 km/hour on the second line.

The current heat wave began on Saturday and is expected to last until Tuesday. It is unclear if the metro will continue to reduce speeds amidst the heat wave; however, if you rely on metros to get around, then plan for your commute to be dreadfully hot and take longer than usual.