Saturday April 1st, 2023
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Cairo Restaurant That Gives Free Food to the Needy Receives Donations from Sherine and Amr Adeeb

Dokki restaurant ‘Kebda w Shawarma’ provides free food to those in need for an hour a day and they have just received a $13,000 donation from Sherine and another one from Amr Adeeb to support their endeavours.

Staff Writer

The effects of Egypt’s economic crisis can be felt on every street corner across the country. We have heard, time and time again, that those who come from disadvantaged economic and social backgrounds are the ones hit the hardest. Obtaining a decent supply of food for one day becomes a struggle for many Egyptians. That’s why ‘Kebda w Shawarma’ introduced happy hour to their Dokki restaurant, where the needy can have 20 LE worth of sandwiches for free, between 5 and 6 PM everyday.

The long queues that form during happy hour, attracted the attention of many passers-by, which in turn brought the restaurant more business, reports Reuters. It also attracted the attention of Egyptian pop-star Sherine who, according to Al Arabiya, donated $13,000 (250,000 LE) to support the restaurant. Other businessmen also donated money to the restaurant as well as TV presenter Amr Adeeb.

Typically, a kebda (liver) sandwich at the restaurant costs 3 LE, and a shawarma costs 8 LE. This delivers substantial value to those in need, who can receive five to six kebda sandwiches for free. 

The employees of ‘Kebda w Shawarma’ collectively own the restaurant and receive profit margins instead of salaries. Head chef Ahmed Samir tells Egypt Independent that this collective ownership assists the restaurant in affording to provide the free service for the needy.

Main image retrieved from Itfarrag.