Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Cairo University Bans Niqab in Its Hospitals

Cairo University president imposes further dress code restrictions on the institution's employees.

Staff Writer

A Niqab (face veil) ban is to be implemented in all Cairo University hospitals and clinics, as per university president Gaber Nassar. The policy applies to all doctors, nurses and staff members of the university’s hospitals and clinics.

Nassar was quoted as saying that the reasons behind the decision were “the protection of the rights of the patients and work interests,” by Ahram Online.

This is not the first time the academic institution has placed dress code restrictions; in October of 2015 Nassar banned faculty members in classrooms on campus from wearing the Islamic face cover, saying the purpose of the ban was to “enhance the quality of communication and education,” according to the publication. Dozens of Cairo University researchers filed a lawsuit against Nassar, but Egypt’s administrative court upheld the ban in January of 2016.

(Photo: Michele Mossop/Getty Images)