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Canadian Embassy Hands Over $14 Million to Egyptian Women’s Empowerment Efforts

The Canadian government has just put $14 million towards the empowerment of Egypt’s women with UN Women, UNIDO and UNFPA.

After securing investment from USAID for women’s empowerment projects, the Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al Mashat was able to raise yet another sum for Egyptian women. The Canadian Embassy in Cairo has just started a bilateral development programme between Egypt and Canada that will help empower our country’s women, and work towards inclusive and sustainable growth.

Two grant agreements worth $14 million CAD have been signed by Jess Dutton, the Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, for the health and socio-economic support of women. The first agreement will be a UNFPA-implemented project titled ‘Addressing Gaps in Reproductive Health and Rights in Egypt,’ which will aim to expand awareness on family planning and providing reproductive healthcare. The second project will be implemented by UN Women and UNIDO, and will aim to empower up to 36,300 women economically alongside the National Council for Women, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

"We hope Canada’s bilateral development assistance program, with its partners, will support Egypt’s health and socio-economic response to the pandemic and beyond," Ambassador Dutton said in a press statement. "The agreements serve Egypt’s inclusive sustainable growth by enhancing health services, as well as creating new job opportunities for women and enabling a healthy and resilient environment that promotes women entrepreneurship in growth sectors such as those of agriculture and energy.”