Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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Careem Rolls Into Alexandria

While they can't do much about the strange Alexandrian traffic, Careem is about to make Alexandrians' travel experiences a whole lot better.

Staff Writer

Careem are taking their awesome new expansion all the way to the shores of the Mediterranean. Alexandrians, too, can now sit back and enjoy a safe, comfortable ride to their destinations, as well as arriving on time. Careem isn't responsible for the strange Alexandiran traffic, though.

Careem was founded in 2012 with a grasp of transport significance in the everyday life. Prompt arrivals and secured transport are what the company built their visions on and are continuing to expand daily throughout the Middle East. They have become quite the popular kid on the rental car company block, and preferred over many other means of transportation. Careem has created a safe haven for the days when you just cannot undergo another moment of heavy traffic jams or dealing with taxi drivers.

Alexandrians can now rest assured that, only a few clicks away, you can download the Careem app from Google Play or the App Store for free, sign up, and start booking your ride from a variety of different cars that fit all budgets - from first, business, to economy class. Whether you're grabbing a quick breakfast at Mohamed Ahmed, or going for a grill at Balbaa; whenever you're ready to leave, the NOW service will track you down using GPS, send you the closest car available, and process your fare on your account's credit card for the quickest possible service. You could also easily just pay by cash!

Just arrived in Alexandria for the first time? You no longer have to endure the long awkward airport wait to get a ride; with the confident "we delay, we pay" policy, your whole ride will be free of charge if they are more than five minutes late for your pick-up. Forget about cab drivers' lame jokes and failed attempts at flirting, with Careem you can have the option of rating your captain according to their hospitality to ensure you are receiving top quality on every journey.

Check out Careem on Facebook and their Cairo-based Instagram