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Child Dies in Maadi Demolition

Families refused to leave their homes as security forces demolished unlicensed buildings.

A child was killed and three people were injured when Egyptian security forces demolished a family home while the occupants were still inside. Heartless security chiefs ignored the pleas of local residents when they demolished the illegal residence in Maadi. The buildings, 22 in total, occupy a 36-acre stretch of agricultural land directly behind the Constitutional Court, and across a narrow street from the Maadi Military hospital

The family were rushed to hospital where the small child later died. Residents now place the death toll at between four an twenty children since the campaign began.
The Egyptian army and police forces are said to have used explosives to remove the home which stood behind the Constitutional Court in Al-Maadi neighbourhood. Local residents clashed with police in an effort to stop the demolition. One eyewitness said: "We have tried to get them [the residents] out, but they refused."