Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Clayola: The Brilliant Egyptian Invention that Keeps Your Plants Watered for Months

This Egyptian clay pot is artisan made, hyper efficient, and once it is filled promises to keep your plants alive for months.

Staff Writer

You’ve always visited a friend or a family member who has a deep love for plants; nurturing like 50 of them in their cluttered balcony. You never really understood how someone could take on such a huge responsibility of making sure they stay alive and hydrated, especially when you can barely keep yourself hydrated after a night out of drinking! They explain themselves by telling you that a house without a plant has no life. Before you start feeling like a failure, Clayola apparently has a super cool solution; an olla-like ceramic pot that uses basic gravity to water plants for many months at a time.

Designed and handmade by Egyptians, the Clayola Pot is pushed into the soil close to a plant and connected to a source of water - be it a bottle, a bucket, or anything that can hold water. Just like a sponge the Clayola slowly releases water through its porous clay vessel; making it 80 percent more efficient than conventional watering techniques. Over time, the plant will discover this water source; redirecting the roots towards it. One Clayola Pot will water eight plants for a whole month, and a box of six costs less than $30. According to the founder, Rami Halim, who spoke to Inhabitat, “This old-world craft is efficient, elegant, and [the artisans] produce a surprisingly durable product.”

For travel lovers, this is the best thing that could ever happen, especially if you enjoy keeping plants in the house. It gives it just the right amount of water, so it probably does a better job at watering plants than you do.

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Photo: Inhabitat