Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Court Case Limits Musicians Syndicate's Powers?

After several months of controversy, it seems a court case has ruled that the entity will no longer be able to shut down concerts and other performances.

Staff Writer

Court Case Limits Musicians Syndicate's Powers?
According to rumours circulating on social media, a court case in which the Egyptian Musicians and Actors Syndicates sought the authority to criminalise people performing without the syndicates' express permission has been decided, drastically limiting their power. 
Musicians and fans on Facebook are lauding the news as a windfall for performers in Egypt, claiming that the recent drama surrounding several Downtown music performances being cancelled was due to baseless accusations from the syndicate. Now, the syndicates will allegedly no longer be able to cancel concerts and performances for not following their stringent guidelines or being members of the unions. 
According to El Watan, a spokesperson for the Musicians Syndicate says they were surprised by the decision and will counter it with another lawsuit. There is meeting scheduled for 8 PM tonight with syndicate head Hani Shaker to decide how else they will proceed.