Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Creative Industry Is Back With Their Ramadan Edition

Dedicated to developing Egypt's creative ecosystem, the Creative Industry crew are back, this time with an event analysing the media and campaigns which took place during Ramadan.

Staff Writer

Creative Industry is devoted to encouraging Egypt's creative work in marketing, advertising, design, film, photography, art, publishing and music. Yes, basically everything worth attention and they haven't missed the fact that Ramadan is the season where creativity in Egypt reaches its peak, due to the millions of citizens tuning in to the famed mosalsalat and expecting the best out of the shows which air, the brands' ads, and everything else media.

Despite Ramadan being over, Creative Industry followed all the details of last season involved with everything media and are now planning to bring together creatives from all the different things that aired during the spiritual month - from ad campaigns to drama series. The organisation will be discussing their work and telling the audience and attendees all about how specific shows\campaigns have managed to stand out in between many competitors.

Speakers at the event will include widely known creative directors, top creative executives as well as brand\marketing managers, drama producers and TV channel managers. Digital experts and media buying agencies will also be included in the line-up to give the crowd an idea about how they view the given scene.

Attendees will be selected through an online application that simply makes sure of their relevance to the major event, as it specifically targets marketers, advertisers, creative agencies and anyone aspiring to become part of the media scene. Entrepreneurs are also very welcome and graduating students and fresh graduates. 

Visit this link to apply and you can get your tickets from Vodafone stores. Further info can be found on their website and event Facebook page.