Friday 2 of December, 2022
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Cycle 14 of Entreprenelle’s Fashion Project Comes to a Close

The programme shared insights and knowledge into navigating the fashion industry and gaining business nous regarding fashion projects.

Startup Scene

Cairo-based Entreprenelle has a new class of graduates as it wraps up the 14th cycle of its Fashion Project, an acceleration programme to train and equip business owners with necessary tools and perks to embark on their fashion business ventures.

Sharing experience from industry specialists and guests, the participants gained key insights into business modelling, branding, pricing, legalities, and wider business sense from a lineup of trainers featuring Dr. Ghadir Alagabany, Jessica Toutounji, Luna Kawash, Bardees Ahmed Gamal, Yasmine Eyad, and Baher Khairy offering their insights to the programme.

While the class celebrates its graduation following intensive training and bootcamp, graduates will follow-up by accessing Entreprenelle’s resources and gain media exposure before wrapping up the programme with meetings and gatherings, with enhanced rewards for the top three graduates.

The programme in itself has a unique standing in the ecosystem - it’s not often that fashion, or any of the creative industries, are equated to entrepreneurship. In layman’s terms, a designer is a designer and a businessperson is a businessperson. More than ever, though, these two worlds are relying on each other and, when you look at the biggest success stories in local fashion, you’ll find that deep at the heart of their creativity is a shrewd entrepreneurial mind - something that Fashion Project looks to harness.

Graduates are set to apply their onboarded knowledge to build and grow fashion business avenues in their various forms into the market, prepped with a better understanding of securing investments, positioning their brands within the industry, and levelling up.

The programme comes to an official close on July 27th with a special graduation ceremony and event at Downtown Cairo-located co-working space, Consoleya.