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Deal Reached to Train Nuclear Specialist in Egypt

A deal between Russia’s Tomsk State University and the Russian University in Cairo sets to equip Egypt's future scientists with the skills needed to work in atomic energy field.

Egypt is poised to secure a Russian built nuclear power plant, and is one of the topics being discussed on President Sisi three day trip to Moscow. Attempting to remove future stumbling blocks, a deal has been reached between Russia’s Tomsk State University and the Russian University in Cairo to establish a specialised training program that will give Egyptians the education needed to work in the atomic energy field.

The agreement was made on Monday, and is an encouraging sign that Egypt recognises the importance of having Egyptian atomic specialist that will be able to work at the future power plant. According to the agreement, students will be able to receive training for the first three year in Egyptian universities before heading to Tomsk for two and half years to complete the program.

An official from the ministry of electricity told Youm7 that President Sisi will attend on Wednesday the signing of a contract that will see Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom build eight-reactor power plants in Egypt. According to a report by Interfax-Siberia, the first Egyptian nuclear power plant is to be built in the Mediterranean city of Dabaa.

It is no secret that Egypt faces an energy crisis. Some will argue that the focus should be towards harnessing clean alternative energies like solar and wind. No matter how you feel about nuclear power, it should come as a positive sign that Egypt is looking to establish their own specialists, instead of using the usual excuse of not having the know-how to develop our industries, while developing good jobs for a country struggling with unemployment.