Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Detainees Claiming Torture

Amnesty International is asking Egyptian authorities to look into claims of detainees being tortured.

Staff Writer

Egyptian authorities have been asked by Amnesty International to open investigations into claims that detained supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi were subjected to ill-treatment and possible torture while in custody.

With the rise of violence over the last two weeks, Amnesty International has been quick to ask that all those accused of inciting violence be given a fair trial. The Egyptian authorities have already denied hundreds of Morsi Supporters their legal rights, and denied the allegations made by testimonies from detainees claiming to have been beaten and electrically shocked.

Middle East Deputy Director of Amnesty, Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, said that “it is impossible to build confidence in a justice system that targets only supporters of Morsi,” She continues to stress that “Everyone has the right to a fair trial, regardless of their political affiliation, which may differ from that of the authorities. This includes the right to immediate access to lawyers and family.”

Amnesty International is claiming that 660 people, including prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested. Since the overthrowing of Morsi, many of the families of detainees are fearful as some have no idea where there loved ones have been taken or even if they were allowed to see lawyer.

If these allegations turn out to be true, then everyone should be angry and protesting, not just Morsi supporters, because that would mean Egyptian authorities are continuing old habits, and Egypt is all about getting rid of the old and building a new country that doesn't deny anyone their rights.