Saturday July 20th, 2024
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EEA Announces Shortlisted Entrepreneurs of the Year

Check out the names whom the Egyptian Entrepreneur Awards have deemed to be this year’s most impactful business leaders.

Lana Mawlood

EEA Announces Shortlisted Entrepreneurs of the Year

As the first awards ceremony of its kind to spotlight and celebrate the brightest business minds in the country, Egypt’s Entrepreneur Awards does more than offer words of praise. Now in its third edition, the awards offers mentorships as a structure for healthy peer reviewing and encouragement, which is important now more than ever to build resilience amid the global economic challenges of today.

A shortlist of names has just been announced for each category, selected on the basis of their business acumen, perspicacity and vision, attention to market demands and leadership abilities. The juries were announced earlier this year and consisted of industry experts across the board, to make for the most informed judgements on each award.

Casting a wide net across industry sectors with fourteen awards categories, the EEA aims to seek out talent across a diverse spectrum of impact areas: beside the conventional ‘tech startup,’ attention is also given to lesser-exposed industry areas, such as the Sports and Wellness Award, or the Disruption of Traditional Industries Award.

It’s hoped that through supporting the most resilient, innovative and successful business leaders making an impact on Egypt’s economy – what the EEA calls the ‘People of Now’ – the initiative will help to cultivate a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. Check out the full list of shortlisted names below. Finalists to be announced later this year.

Entrepreneurs For Good


Dr Ahmed Fathy, Co-Founder and CEO

Dr Ahmed Ibrahim, Co-Founder and Ph. Manager

Rawia Saeid, Co-Founder and Marketing & PR 


Karim Dabbous, Co-Founder and CEO


Mustafa Abdellatif, Co-Founder and CEO

Fintech or Fintech Enabler of the Year


Marwan Kenawy, Co-Founder and CEO

Momtaz Moussa, Co-Founder

Ayman Essawy, Co-Founder


Amr Sultan, Co-Founder and CEO

Tarek Elsheikh, Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer

Raseedi App

Ahmed Atalla, Co-Founder and CEO

Next Generation Intrapreneur of the Year


Nada El Ahwal, Chief Strategy Officer


Mohamed Khattab, EVP, b_labs and Digital Commerce at B.TECH

Kahhal 1871

Mohamed El Kahhal, Managing Director Digital Solutions and Customer Experience

Digital Solutions and CX


Rafik Zaher, Co-Founder

Mahmoud Talaat, Co-Founder and CEO


Mahmoud Younes, Co-Founder and CEO

Mohamed Montasser, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer

Osama Al Jammali, Co-Founder and CCO


Ahmad Yousry, CEO Ismail Hafez, COO

Tarek El Geresy, CFO

Walid Shabana, CTO


Mohammed Elhorishy, Co-Founder and CEO

Abdelrahman Sherief, Co-Founder and VP of Growth

Ismail Omar, Co-Founder and CTO


Ahmed Ezzat Kadous, CEO and Co-Founder

Haitham El-Ghotni, Co-Founder and CBO

Ahmed Mazhar, Co-Founder and CSO

Mahmoud Shousha, Co-Founder and Sales Head

Experiential Dining Business of the Year

The Sage Experience

Amr Barghash, Co-Founder

Ahmed El Meligy, Co-Founder

Avec Karim

Karim Abdelrahman, Executive Chef and Founder


Mona Saeed Mohamed Nassef, CEO

Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Sabbour, Partner

Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Nassef, Vice Chairman of Board of Directors

Said Mohamed Nassef, CEO Impact and Co-Founder

Sports and Wellbeing Entrepreneur

The Trifactory

Ayman Hakky, Founder and Managing Director

SR Padel

Khaled Nagy Ibrahim, Co-Founder and CEO

Seif Adel Abou Senna, COO

4A Nutrition (Lino Oats)

Ahmed Ayman, Co-Founder and CEO

Ahmed Shalaby, Sales Director and Co-Founder

Ahmed Sedky, Marketing Director and Co-Founder

Ahmed El Shamy, Co-Founder

Interior Design


Heba El Gabaly, CEO and Founder


Dayana Kanjo, Co-Founder and Managing Director

Nourhan Kanjo, Co-Foudner and Managing Director


Ahmed Dsuki, Chief Designer

Amena Mashhour, Chief Designer

Art to Business


Mustafa Sharara, Co-Founder and CEO

Omar Heraize, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer


Abdelrahman Selim, Co-Founder and CEO

Sarah Aboulkhair, Co-Founder and CCO


Layla Ghaleb, Co-Founder

Mahmoud Shoukry, Co-Founder

Rising Entrepreneur of the Year


Mohamed Wahid, Founder and CEO

Ali Mokhtar, Co-Founder and Head of Investment

Amr Zikry, Co-Founder and Head of Operations

Ramy Radwan, Co-Founder and PR Advisor


Omar El Defrawy, Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Morcos, Chief Operating Officer

Moataz El Etreby, Chairman


Amr Gamal, Co-Founder and CEO

Ziad El Adawy, Co-Founder and CCO

Hatem Farag, Co-Founder and COO

Hatem Mamoun, Co Founder and Engineering Director

Real Estate Service


Mostafa El Beltagy, CEO  Aly Rafea, Chief Experience Officer

Mohamed Abou Ghanima, COO

Abdel-Azim Osman, Chief Marketing Officer

Ahmed Rafea, Chief Business Development Officer


Ahmed Selim, CEO and Co-Founder

Farah Selim, COO and Co-Founder

Norhan Selim, Co-Founder


Ahmed El Raggal, Co-Founder and COO

Nadim Nagul, Co-Foudner and CEO

Chinmaya Das, Co-Founder and CTO

Fashion Business


Maram Aboul Enein, Founder


Aya Abdelraouf, Co-Founder

Mounaz Abdelraouf, Co-Founder

Mohamed Abdelraouf, Co-Founder

Vano Alexanian, Co-Founder

Nile Eye Wear

Ahmed Hamdi, Founder and Creative Director