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Egypt's Nazi Shunned

After inviting Ramy Jan, leader of the Egyptian Nazi Party (who knew, huh?), to speak at Georgetown, university bosses have realised the error of their ways.

Egypt's top Nazi has been left red faced after US university bosses gassed his chance to rant about everything from his hatred of Jews and his bizzare plans to build a huge nuclear reactor to err...democracy.

Vile racist Ramy Jan has been left with more than a little egg on his face after university bosses scrapped plans for the Egyptian Nazi Party ringleader to appear alonside the creme de la creme of Muslim Brotherhood hardliners in a debate about “the struggle for democracy in Egypt.”

The news caused a stir amongst anybody with a brain cell count reaching double digits – most of whom, thought the whole idea was, frankly, bat-shit crazy. And thankfully, leading academics at Georgetown University in the USA have finally caught up with the rest of us in thinking; Nazis, democracy, oh, wait didn't they....

Conference host John Esposito told the New York Times that the the university had no idea about Mr Jan's shady connections. He said: “This was new to us that he had a background like that and as soon as it came to our attention he was immediately disinvited, “We had no idea that there was this issue out there.”

Of course one could be forgiven for wondering – how on earth did Egypt, a predominantly Arab country, ended up with with fully functioning Nazi party – slightly missing the point of the whole Aryan race thing.