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Egypt's Jawad Nabulsi Named Most Powerful Arab Under 40

Arabian Business' 100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40 list ranks the inspirational activist and philanthropist as number one, among eight other Egyptians who made the cut.

So just how powerful do you think you are? Most of us probably think very, but according to the  Arabian Business' 100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40 list, we don’t even come close. Unless, of course, you made the list - in which case, why are you even reading this?

Now, let’s start by giving a huge round of applause to Egypt for being number one at something positive. Ranking as the most powerful person under 40 in the Middle East is none other than Jawad Nabulsi, the inspirational Egyptian revolutionary who lost his eye and found his passion for giving back to the community with his NGO, Nebny. To this day the foundation has impacted 140,000 people’s lives so cheers to this guy for being one of the few upstanding members of Egypt’s society. Ranking in second is Kuwait's Bader Al Kharafi, a multi-billionaire construction mogul, while third spot was handed to Qatar's Hassan Al Thawadi who is in charge of organising the most anticipated event in Qatar’s history — the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Including Jawad Nabulsi, a total of eight Egyptians made the list. Here's who and why:

Hossam Bahgat – Coming in at #18, this man - if you don’t know him already is an investigative reporter with Egyptian newspaper Mada Masr - who has built his name as quite the activist in our Egyptian community.

Lina Attalah – At #27 she is known as a respected voice in Egypt. Being the chief editor and founder of Mada Masr you can say she has accomplished a lot.

Radwa Rostom- Being #30 on the list she has revolutionised community development in Egypt with her eco-friendly approach providing, sustainable housing to the poorer communities of Egypt.

Mohamed El Dahshan – At #39, this man has recieved an MBA in international development from Harvard. He is a regional economist with the Africa Development Bank and has done several works for sources such as The New York Times.

Omar Samra – This name should certainly come as no surprise as he is an influential figure who comes in at #47. He has been the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest, as well as many other momentous hiking/climbing accolades under his belt.

Minoush Abdel-Meguid – Holding the #56 position, this woman is the co-founder of Union Capital and has been all over Egypt’s Finance sector with her 16 years of experience.

Mona Seif- At #64, Mona Seif can claim the title as one of Egypt's most prominent social activists. Her blog, the Tahrir Diaries — Diaries Under Military Rule, has opened a lot of eyes as to what has and is still happening around Egypt.

Sherine Abdel Wahab – She should need no introduction as she claims #84 on the list. Who said Pop music wasn't powerful?