Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Egypt Launches ‘One Million Entrepreneurs’ Online Programme for Youth

The three-stage online programme aims to empower Egyptian youth and aid them on the rocky road that is entrepreneurship.

Startup Scene

The Egyptian Ministry of Planning and Economic Development announced the details of its ‘One Million Entrepreneurs’ campaign, which targets Egyptian youth of all ages and groups. The programme will be entirely online, and will offer training entrepreneurship programmes in both Arabic and English. At the end of the programme, the trainees will receive a certificate of completion.  

The programme is split into three stages. The first includes identifying the startup’s business model, financial management, brand building, and effective leadership skills for entrepreneurs. The second stage entails getting acquainted with the Egyptian investment law and taxes, social insurance and startup obligations, managing projects, and problem solving for entrepreneurs. In the third and final stage, entrepreneurs learn about innovation, data analysis, management and development for emerging companies, marketing and the use of social networks, sales and strategic planning, intellectual property laws, and how to preserve the rights of startups.

Participants can register through