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Egypt Launches New Recycling Power Plant

The plant, which cost around EGP 65 million, tackles two issues at once as it's using waste to generate electricity.

As a new recycling power plant opened in Port Said yesterday, Minister of Local Development Ahmed Zaki and Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy, alongside the governorate's officials, were all present for the opening ceremony. The plant, which cost around EGP 65 million, is ready to receive 550 tonnes of waste on a daily basis on which it will use Egyptian-German technology to generate RDF, a fuel alternative to cement industry production.Reusing waste in Egypt has a long way to go – according to Al Ahram News, Fahmy claims the state spends EGP 3.5 billion annually to get rid of waste. Not far from the recycling power plant, Port Said's El Manzala Lake is actually the most affected body of water in Egypt due to industrial waste. TFahmy added they are in the process of establishing 64 plants across all of Egypt. According to Al Wafd News, he also stated that it would have been impossible for the state to launch such a massive project by itself – in the case of this plant, it is owned by Reliance Investments, who are a leading partner to the Construction Building Sector in Egypt.

All images courtesy of Hesham Nasr.