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Egypt Set for Tourism Goldrush

A huge influx of Saudi tourists is expected to come and save us from our broke-ass tourism-less blues.

Egypt's tourism industry looks set for a Gulf goldrush thanks to thousands of Saudi holidaymakers who are flocking back to Egypt this summer.

Saudi Arabia has long been a country that previously funnelled millions into Egypt's tourism sector. Tourism from many countries, including Saudi, hit rock bottom in the wake of the January 25 and June 30 revolution thanks to worrying levels of civil unrest.

The trend spelt disaster for the four million plus people who currently make a living from tourism, and many found themselves struggling to stay alive. However the tide now appears to be turning following the election of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as thousands of jet-setting Saudis are gearing up to return to Egypt.

Essam Abdel Ghaney a supervisor at Nile Travel & Tourism Agency in Jeddah, claims that the number of Saudis traveling to Egypt is set to sky rocket. He believes that the percentage of Saudis traveling this year is expected to increase compared to last year.

He added: “This year has witnessed changes in the type of travelers going to the country because the number of families traveling is increasing.

"Last year, because of political instability, only single youths were traveling to Egypt."

The travel guru believes that families' making travel plans to Egypt is a good sign that things are gradually returning to normal and that there is no fear anymore.  Meanwhile Ghaney believes that the number of tourists coming here from the gulf could be set to hit the roof following Ramadan.

He added: "Before, families were avoiding traveling with their children as Egypt's security situation was unpredictable.

“People will still have the chance to travel to Egypt after Ramadan because there will still be the full month of Shawwal left for vacation before school starts.”

Meanwhile Abu Feras, a Saudi father of five and an owner of a house outside Cairo, claims his family are gearing up to make their first trip here since the 2011 revolution. He told the Saudi Gazette: “Egypt is a beautiful country and it is about time it reappears again in the tourism map as a favorite destination."

One Cairo travel agency, who declined to be named, told Cairo Scene: "We're expecting a massive influx of tourists after Ramadan.

"It has been a terrible time for us since the revolution but hopefully things are about to get better."

Saudi resident Motea Al-Shanqiti, a former frequent visitor is also returning for the first time since the revolution. He said: “Going to Egypt was a risk that I did not want my family to be exposed to.

"I used to take my family with me to Cairo whenever I had business trips. For the past three years, I was visiting Cairo only if it was necessary and left immediately after the job was done. This time, I am going back with my family and planning to spend the whole month of Shawwal traveling all over Egypt.”