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Egypt Sits Among Top 10 Emerging Markets in the World

The Business Monitor International (BMI) research confirms Egypt, among nine other countries, is to expect an emerging market in the years to come.

With Egypt's economic instability, it's considered more than just good news that research by BMI on global market foresees Egypt's economical growth in the next few years. Amwal Al Ghad reports that the study shows that Egypt sits among nine other countries who are going to collectively add $4.3 trillion to global GDP by 2025.

Though Egypt's economy has been experiencing a downfall since the 2011 revolution – especially in tourism, the country's biggest industry – it can't be said that investments here have stopped. In fact, they increased, especially in housing and energy sectors, with an expected development in agriculture. BMI says to watch out for Egypt's increased food market, with "fruits and vegetables being among the country’s key exports, and the fall in the value of the Egyptian pound has significantly boosted the overall manufacturing sector’s competitiveness," predicted to increase to $30.1 billion by 2020.

The other nine countries are Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam – all expected to increase in their agribusiness in the next five years, BMI reports.