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Egypt To Issue Stricter Laws On Terrorism

New anti-terror laws are currently in the works, geared at imposing harsher penalties on those involved in terrorist activity.

It seems that terrorists are going to be having a tougher time, well, terrorising as a new law is in the works to help further battle the ongoing problem. Egypt's Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Transitional Justice Ibrahim Al-Heneidy said in a press conference that our Justice Ministry has just finished putting together the draft of a new law which is geared towards cracking down more harshly on terrorist activities. Al-Heneidy has stated that, "In the coming stage, we focus on drying up sources of funding for terrorist activities and as a result there is a pressing need to issue a new anti-terror law aimed at meeting this objective."

The 52-article anti-terrorism law is aimed at hindering the funding of the terrorist organisations by imposing the death penalty for anyone found guilty in a court of law for giving terrorist groups money to continue their activities.

"Those convicted of funding a terrorist will be sent to life in prison, but those convicted of funding a terrorist-labeled organisation will face the death penalty. This funding could be cash or in-kind, including use of national or foreign currency, financial or commercial securities, bonds, and any documents or papers, even if they take a digital or electronic form," said Al-Heneidy.

This also applies to funding the terrorist’s supplies like ammunition, explosives or information in any way shape or form. Al-Heneidy has said that the Ministries of Interior and Defense will first review the newly drafted anti-terror law and then refer it back to the Justice Ministry within 15 days.