Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Interior Ministry Proposes Orwellian Surveillance Plan

News is breaking of a plan to introduce surveillance systems across Egypt.

Staff Writer

Interior Ministry Proposes Orwellian Surveillance Plan

George Orwell’s 1984 is one step closer to becoming Egypt’s 2015 reality, as Egypt’s Interior Ministry is preparing to launch a nationwide surveillance system.

Breaking the news is Al-Shorouk newspaper, who suggests that the Ministry has sent a proposal to increase its ability to combat crime and terrorism with a nationwide surveillance program. According to Al-Shorouk's unnamed source, the ministry is awaiting for cabinet approval to roll out the plan. On Friday, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahleb announced that big brother-esque program would involve several heads of divisions from the ministry, and officials from both general and military intelligence agency. Corroborating the story is Ahram Online who claims that the proposed plan has been positively welcomed by many senior security officials. Security expert Mahmoud Kotri tells Ahram Online that "Preemptive security died in Egypt, this is a good step towards reviving it," but stressed it is useless security forces are ready to deploy quickly to prevent the crimes from occurring.

Nationwide surveillance has been adopted in major cities like London, and is believed to have helped prevent or intervene in crimes both before and during the criminal act. However, part of its supposed efficacy relies on being organised and having the ability of dispatching officers to the scene quickly. Considering Egypt’s traffic problems coupled with drivers’ unwillingness or inability to clear the way for ambulances or police cars, one can speculate that this expensive programme could be rendered useless at preventing crime, but could help with identifying criminals.