Friday May 24th, 2024
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Egypt is Back to Burning Books

The government has ordered all Muslim Brotherhood books to be burned, exactly one year after the dissolution of the Islamist group.

Staff Writer

Egypt is Back to Burning Books

Egypt has a history of book burning, and staying true to the saying that history repeats itself, the Egyptian government has decided to burn all Muslim Brotherhood books that promote violence or ideas linked to the banned Islamist group.

Samia Mehrez, an official in Hurghada, told Reuters that local authorities and security forces had burned “a number of Brotherhood books and literature" that were located in the public library. According to Mehrez, during Morsi's one year reign the Brotherhood had donated around 36 books, which were all destroyed.

The incident occurred on Saturday, marking the same day that Egypt's administrative court ordered the dissolving of the Brotherhood as political party and ruled that their assets are to be liquidated, according to the state news agency.

Security sources behind the book burning insist that the books destroyed included bomb-making manuals, as well as books comparing Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna to the Prophet Mohamed, or praising Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.