Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Egypt's Airports Are Now Internationally Compliant After Scoring 84% on ICAO Test

The International Civil Aviation Organisation is praising Egypt's Civil Aviation Authority after scoring an 84 percent, which matches international standards.

Staff Writer

Egypt's Airports Are Now Internationally Compliant After Scoring 84% on ICAO Test

It looks like Egypt’s investment in bolstering its airport's security has paid off, as the International Civil Aviation Organisation concluded its two-week test, giving Egypt an impressive score of 84 percent.

The two-week test wrapped up on Tuesday and showed significant improvements as Egypt received a score that is 20 percent higher than the average, and 25 percent higher than Egypt’s previous inspection. The inspectors said that Egypt is now officially compliant with international standards set by the ICAO and praised the efforts of Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation for the safety measures implemented.

The ICAO also applauded the coordinating efforts between national, private, and foreign airlines for improving the system of aircraft maintenance and training efforts.

According to Egypt Independent, a source from the Civil Aviation Authority claims that Egypt’s evaluation was based on eight tests. In the air operations test, Egypt scored 77.8 percent; 98.7 percent for airworthiness; 83.2 percent in terms of vacations, licenses, surveillance, and hospitality; 85.7 percent for airports; and 84.6 percent for periodical inspections.

The impressive score will hopefully put to rest fears of Egypt’s airport security among countries like the UK and Russia, which are yet to resume flights to Egypt.