Tuesday November 28th, 2023
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Egypt's Government to Contract Multinational Company to Run the Country's Railways

A Ministry of Transport spokesperson says the government will be contracting a multinational company to operate and manage railroads because Egypt is unable to run them properly.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Ministry of Transport spokesperson Ahmad Ibrahim stated that the ministry plans on contracting with a multinational company to operate and manage the country’s railroad services. Ibrahim was quoted as saying that the reasons behind the decision were “our failure at management” by Youm7.

“No matter how much we spend on railroads, things won’t change and the service will remain unimproved due to the failed system we have in place now,” Ibrahim added.

The project will be put out to tender once the cabinet has set the qualifications it seeks in the potential contractor which all bidders would have to meet. “This is how things are done in all first world countries,” the official stated.

In a phone appearance on CBC Extra’s Kalam El Nas, Ibrahim defended the decision, denying allegations of railroad privatisation, saying that the government is only seeking to benefit from the corporation’s managerial and technical expertise.   

This is not the first time the Egyptian government has sought help from international corporations; the aftermath of the Russian plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula saw the government hire global security consultancy Control Risks to review our airports’ security.