Thursday June 8th, 2023
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Egypt's Health Ministry Announces a 2020 Plan to Limit 'Three Children for Each Woman'

Egypt's population is out of control, and looking to curb the exponential growth is Egypt's health ministry, who announced their plans to limit 'three children for each women' by 2020.

Staff Writer

With the population growing by a million in just the last 6 months, the Ministry of Health and Population’s Population and Family Planning sector have announced that they will attempt to put forth a plan by 2020 that will limit ‘three children for each woman’, according to the EgyptIndependent.

The family planning methods scheme is part of a 2020 sustainable development plan that hopes to increase the usage rate of family planning methods to 62.8 percent, while it currently stands at 58.5 percent. According to CAPMAS Egypt’s population is growing at five times the rate of other developed countries, and twice as high as developing countries.

The sectors plans will revolve around organising four free medical conveys to target underprivileged women and provide them with family planning methods in the governorates of Cairo, Aswan, Qaliubiya and Fayoum. At the same time, the sector recently launched ’My happiness and health lie in family planning’ campaign aimed at spreading awareness to thousands of women across Egypt.