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Egypt's Internet Among Slowest in the World

By the time you've read this article, an Internet user in Singapore could have downloaded a whole movie, according to Net Index's annual rankings.

Anyone who has been abroad can agree that internet is pretty slow here as compared to other countries… Actually let’s change; that it’s REALLY slow. With that being said it should come to no one’s surprise that Egypt ranks within the bottom 15 countries in terms of internet speed according to NET INDEX’s annual list.

To be precise we rank at 183 out of 200 with an average speed of 2.72 Mbps. To put this in perspective, Singapore ranks at number 1 with an average speed of 119.20 Mbps. Yeah, just let that sink in for a second. If you’re feeling bad, don’t. At least we aren’t the country of Niger with an average speed of 0.42 Mbps.

Not only does the list show which countries have the fastest speeds but it also displays what the average cost for the internet per month is in each country; as well as a global average. According to the list, the average cost for internet monthly on a global scale is equivalent to $5.24. After seeing that number you should already feel ripped off since we are all definitely paying more than that per month as Egypt’s average is $16.58. That’s a little bit more than triple of the global average.

With the current “Internet Revolution” campaign taking place in Egypt, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Khaled Negm, has recently proposed a plan to make changes to Egypt’s internet market. In short, the proposition was faster internet, cheaper prices.

The problem with the proposed plan is Egypt’s infrastructure which, at this moment, cannot withstand higher speeds of internet access. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope some sort of change comes along as slow internet really is a pain in the ass. ESPECIALLY since we’re overpaying for it anyway.