Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Egypt's OneOrder Raises $1M to Streamline Restaurant Supply Chain

The Cairo-based startup will channel the new funds into expanding its customer base and improving the supply chain inefficiencies, something that the founders understand all too well.

John Bichara

Egypt's OneOrder Raises $1M to Streamline Restaurant Supply Chain

OneOrder, an Egypt-based logistics startup, has raised $1 million in a funding round led by venture capital firm A15. The funds will be used to upgrade the supply chain amongst Egyptian restaurants, expanding its customer base and hammering down inefficiencies by allowing restaurants to get all their supplies from a single platform.

Founded by Karim Maurive, founder of Cube Egypt and Bitroot, and Tamer Amer, who has also founded restaurant chains Longhorn Texas BBQ and Fuego Sushi, OneOrder is a tech-enabled supplier that tackles structural issues that are often faced by Egyptian restaurants.

“In Egypt, the restaurant business has to constantly navigate hundreds of suppliers on a monthly basis to source products," Amer says. "The downside to this model is that you must create your own physical warehouses and stock up on many products to hedge the risk of sudden shortages and outages of much-needed supplies and this process burdens restaurants with unnecessary overheads and costs."

By providing restaurants with a single app and web-based platform, OneOrder allows them to sidestep many of these pitfalls. Considering that Egypt's food-and-beverage sector - valued at $13 million in 2019 - has seen significant growth in recent years, with 45,000 registered restaurants and 250,000 unregistered outlets, it appears now is the time for companies like OneOrder to set themselves a seat at the table.