Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Egypt’s Yalla Super App Launches Service for Gold Investments

Yalla Invest will enable users to purchase gold from 0.25 grams and above.

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Egypt’s Yalla Super App Launches Service for Gold Investments

Yalla Super App, a financial platform operated by digital payment solutions provider PaySky, has partnered with Dahab Masr, an electronic platform for gold investments in Egypt and the Middle East, to launch Yalla Invest.

This partnership will enable users to invest in gold quickly and securely, purchasing gold from 0.25 grams and above through the app’s new service.

"We are pleased to complete this partnership with Dahab Masr with the aim of improving and expanding the scope of financial services for customers beyond traditional solutions, to provide financial services and alleviate the pressure on savings in the face of inflation, to help achieve financial security and promote electronic payment and investment culture for the future," Walid Sadik, Founder and CEO of PaySky and Yalla Super App, tells StartupScene. 

Yalla Invest is part of Yalla Super App’s expansion strategy to provide a wide range of financial services to users including merchants, institutions, companies and individuals. According to the startup, the app has 30 features ranging from payment solutions to e-commerce and travel bookings amongst other services.

Yalla Super App was launched in 2022 as part of PaySky’s expansion strategy to provide an integrated digital platform, including financial and non-financial based services, in a single application.