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Egypt to Send 10,000 Donkeys to China

It started with a currency trade deal with China, but now we’re sending off our donkeys, too.

Ibrahim Mahrous, head of the General Authority for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture, has validated the rumour that our precious homars (donkeyswill be sent to China following a trade agreement, according to Al Arabiya.  

Egypt has agreed to export 10,000 donkeys to China, as per the Islamic ruling in Al-Azhar. Apparently, the Chinese have a shortage of donkeys and are struggling to produce Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) that requires donkey. This TCM is supposed to help cure women who are anaemic and suffering from dry coughs and dizziness.

Egypt is also allegedly considering a deal with Korea to export dogs, especially considering that Egypt's shelter capacity is peaking with stray dogs. Although no deal has been confirmed, Egypt seems to be deploying a new strategy for generating revenue involving the trade of animals with Egypt’s Environment Minister Khalid Fahmi proposing in November a plan to breed and export crocodiles for dollars by 2020. 

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