Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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EgyptAir Introduces Cheaper Flights if You Travel With 1 Suitcase

News of EgyptAir allowing only one suitcase on its long haul flights left many displeased, so the airliner took to Twitter to clarify.

Staff Writer

People often travel EgyptAir for its generous baggage allowance of two suitcases for economy class international flights, so news of a one-suitcase baggage allowance left many rather dismayed. However, as a user by the name of H. A. Hellyer tweeted his displeasure at this supposed new policy, EgyptAir responded in clarification.

EgyptAir's new 'best buy' fare docks the price of your flight if you're willing to travel with only one checked-in bag and one carry-on bag. While the airline didn't specify how much lower the airfare would be if people were willing to given up the two-suitcase luxury, this does come as good news in contrast to the recent anticipated 45 percent airfare hike that the airline will be imposing following the floating of the Egyptian pound.

Image: Egypt Canada Club