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Egyptian Allegedly Gives the Wolf of Wall Street a Dose of His Own Medicine

Jordan Belfort cries wolf on Facebook, alleging that an Egyptian promoter is setting up a seminar in December but hasn't paid him. His post asks that Egyptians not only ask for a refund but report the promoter to local police.

Jordan Belfort, known as the Wolf of Wall Street, is getting an Egyptian dose of his own medicine and has taken to Facebook to tell Egyptians not to buy tickets to his supposed upcoming speaking event, claiming that the promoter is a fraud who has failed to pay him for his appearance.

Making it explicitly clear on Facebook, Belfort has announced in all caps that he will not be speaking at a supposed seminar in Egypt in December. In his post, Belfort asks Egyptians to report the organiser to local police and to ask for a refund immediately if you have purchased tickets to the event. He alleges that the promoter continues to lie every day, claiming that money was sent to him, but that he hasn’t received any money yet.

The alleged event is nowhere to be found online, raising many eyebrows as to why Belfort is reaching out to Egyptians to report this promoter without any additional information on who the promoter is or when the event is to be held. If you did somehow manage to secure a ticket, we recommend asking for a refund as it’s clear that the Wolf of Wall Street will not be coming to Om El Donya.