Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Egyptian-German Researcher Banned For Life From Entering Egypt

Upon trying to enter Egypt, an Egyptian-German researcher was told he was banned for life, with no explanation, from ever entering the country.

Staff Writer

Attempting to enter Egypt on Friday, Atef Botros, an Egyptian-German researcher and founder of Mayadin Al-Tahrir NGO, was detained upon arrival, questioned, and ordered to return to Germany being told that he is banned for life from entering Egypt.

Travelling from Germany, the researcher was shocked to find out that he had been banned for life without being given an explanation. Working as a professor in Germany's Marburg University Centre for Middle East Studies, Botros has also established an NGO that aims to help marginalised groups in Egypt, in particular women and youth of the Matariya district.

It is unclear why authorities believe he is threat to the nation. At this time there is no statement released by authorities indicating why the academic researcher has been banned from the country for life. However, a similar incident took place in December 2015, when Egyptian researcher and journalist Ismail Alexandrani travelled from Germany to Egypt. Instead of banning him for life and sending him back, they decided to detain him and level charges of 'broadcasting false news' and accuse him of joining the outlawed Brotherhood. As it stands Alexandrani is still waiting for his trial to take place.