Friday April 12th, 2024
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Egyptian Government Picks Up CairoScene's #ThisIsEgypt Campaign

In 2013 MO4 Network and CairoScene created and seeded the hashtag #ThisIsEgypt. This week we're happy to announce the Egyptian government has adopted the movement! Let's do this!

Staff Writer

Egyptian Government Picks Up CairoScene's #ThisIsEgypt Campaign

It was August 2013 and perception of the country was at an all time low; the images broadcast across the world were not of our country’s intrinsic, unmistakable beauty, but of its unwanted political carnage and chaos on the streets. Tourism plummeted and the Muslim Brotherhood took over the headlines, signaling the beginning of a drastic crash in our economy, and, in turn our image.

CairoScene decided to play a small part in shining a light on the Egypt the world has known and loved for centuries, creating the #ThisIsEgypt hashtag, encouraging Egyptians and tourists everywhere to post about the unparalleled beauty of the country.

Today the Ministry of Tourism has taken on the baton and picked up the #ThisIsEgypt hashtag to help bring back Egypt to its touristic glory days and we couldn't be happier! Everyone from Mobinil to Morgan Freeman have been getting in the action.

Everyone single person can do their part in boosting tourism in Egypt, just snap that stunning sunrise, that quirky only-in-Egypt street shot, that lunch on the Nile and post it using the #ThisIsEgypt hashtag.