Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Egyptian Passenger Arrested for Smuggling Tramadol at Cairo Airport

An Egyptian national and an American-Jordanian have been arrested in separate attempts to smuggle drugs into and out of Egypt through Cairo Airport.

Staff Writer

An American-Jordanian citizen and an Egyptian national were arrested at Cairo Airport for separate attempts to smuggle drugs. According to reports by Cairo Post, the Egyptian passenger was apprehended before boarding a flight to Doha, Qatar, as customs department officials inspected his luggage and found 2.5 kilograms of Tramadol tablets. Last September, information from the Social Solidarity Ministry indicated that Tramadol – a narcotic-like pain reliever that can be found in the Egyptian market for as low as 15 LE per 225 mg pill - is the number one illicit drug in Egypt, used by a whopping 40.7 per cent of drug users. Some experts are calling the abuse of this drug an epidemic.

Meanwhile, an American citizen of Jordanian origins who arrived Saturday from Amsterdam was arrested as he attempted to smuggle 13 grams of crude Hashish oil into the country. According to Youm7, customs officials arrested him and confiscated the drugs. Police reports have been filed regarding both incidents.

Over the past months, customs officials at airports have halted several attempts to smuggle drugs, money, and artifacts. Last December, a passenger at Cairo Airport was arrested as he attempted to smuggle 620 grams of hashish in his shoes while boarding an Emirates Airline flight headed to Dubai.

Photo credit: Ad Meskens, Creative Commons License.