Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Egyptian Police Raid Uncovers Over 300 kg of Rotten Meat in Kheir Zaman and Abu Ammar

The store managers of both branches were promptly arrested by the Egyptian police on Tuesday and may be referred to court pending the conclusion of the ongoing investigation.

Staff Writer

The manager of Kheir Zaman's Agouza branch was arrested by the Egyptian police on Tuesday after a police raid located almost 200 kg of rotten meat in the store, Youm7 reports.

Police authorities reportedly received information earlier this week that the store has meat not suitable for human consumption, which led to the police raids and arrests. The defendant is now detained pending the completion of the investigation before referring the case to court. 

Also in Agouza, police similarly arrested Abu Ammar's manager while in possession of 175 kg of spoiled meat, according to various local media reports.